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Respect, Honor, Loyalty, Discipline

The Yakuza Way

Ninja Fedoras - A Naruto Mafia/Yakuza/Triad RP.
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This RP is set in modern times-- no fun, I know-- it could even be in the near future.

There are several well-established clans within Tokyo's Yakuza, and
one truly powerful clan, Konoha, rules over all of them. The head of
that clan -- Yondaime, by title -- has recently perished at the hands of
a mysterious figure known only as Kyuubi. It is unknown where he
came from, or who he works for -- if anyone -- but his attempt to seize
control of the Konoha clan has been foiled by several other rivals for
the top slot.

If Yondaime's killer were discovered, his clan would immediately be
outcast, and no member of it would be permitted to rule Konoha -- nor,
most likely, to survive inside Tokyo. The other clans would be able to
claim the suddenly vacated territory, and unfinished dealings that the
outcasts would leave behind. Everyone wants another piece of the city,
and the accusations have begun...

Mold the world as you see fit -- or be crushed as it is molded around

The following is basically a guideline, and can be altered according to preference once you're in the game.

The Akatsuki - A group of infamous hitmen that line up to the highest bidder made from ex-members of several highranking clans.

Kakuzu - [Unknown LJ tag]
Leader-sama - [Unknown LJ tag]
Hidan - [Unknown LJ tag]
Kisame - [Unknown LJ tag]

The Uchihas - A well established clan to the Yakuza, founded generations ago a recent incident has left few alive to keep the clan running; however, the youngest member is in the process of rebuilding the clan-- right after he gets his revenge.

Uchiha Fugaku - [Unknown LJ tag]
Uchiha Sasuke - sadistic_yakuza

The Hyuuga – An extended clan, the Hyuugas are notorious torture specialists. With their knowledge of psychology and spooky gray eyes, there hasn't been a person left emotionally stable after being mentally tormented. Members of a lower rank are branded on their foreheads and made to carry out the more dangerous jobs such that main members would not face imminent danger.

The Aburame – Small, but one of the creepiest clans around. Only a few people have an exact idea of their role in the yakuza, because the members' fascination with bugs (such that millions crawl around their hideout) scares away most people.

Aburame Shino - [Unknown LJ tag]

The Akimichi – They manage the smuggling of illegal steroids into Japan. Members can often be spotted countrywide at yakiniku restaurants.

The Inuzuka – Every member owns a dog, which they believe are sacred beasts; and train these dogs to hunt out people who are in loan of debts when first initiated or later on to assassinate in order to make the attack look accedental.

The Nara – A small clan dealing with traditional drugs like opium, and the poaching of endangered deer (e.g. the Red Deer). The men are known to stay away from brothels, which are apparently "too troublesome".

Nara Shikamaru - [Unknown LJ tag]

The Sabakuno – Each individual is known to be a deadly assassin, carrying out orders swiftly and silently. It is rumored that they are the cruelest of all yakuza, as they kill without hesitation.

Sabakuno Kankurou - [Unknown LJ tag]

The Sound – No one knows their true motive, but a recent report stated that the leader experiments on stolen corpses in hopes of achieving immortality. The agents are known for their convincing abilities in threatening others, sealing away secrets effectively.

Abumi Zaku - [Unknown LJ tag]

The Yamanako – Responsible for smuggling the drugs that the Naras sell. Not many people know about them, but they're beginning to make a name for themselves as plant smuggling gets steadily more lucrative.

Individual Agents:

Gekkou Hayate
Haruno Sakura - [Unknown LJ tag]
Hatake Kakashi
Hagane Kotetsu
Jiraiya (ol' porn smuggler.)
Kamizuki Izsumo
Maito Gai
Mitarashi Anko
Momochi Zabuza
Sarutobi Asuma
Shiranui Genma - [Unknown LJ tag]
Rock Lee
Umino Iruka - quiet_dolphin
Uzumaki Naruto - [Unknown LJ tag]
Yuuhi Kurenai

Even criminals need organization.

Things you should do:
- Stay in character
- Be active. Constantly RP with the other characters and post logs or journal entries.
- Post in the OOC journal when going on hiatus. Be responsible! It's fedoras_ooc, by the way.
- Write in proper English. tYpINg liK3 thIs is irritating.

Things you shouldn't do:
- Godmode
- OOC fighting.
- Force relationships on to somebody else.

1) This is a Naruto Mafia RP, so the characters do not have 'powers' or 'jutsu's in this RP, they are normal human beings.
2) They'll all retain something close to their original personalities in the RP, if you'd like any modifications just ask.
3) Each player is allowed 3 characters.

You know you want to (:

Feel free to ask the mods any questions you have.

AIM: HimeSasuke
Email: himesasuke[@]aol.com

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