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09 November 2006 @ 08:18 pm
[First Post; Charactor Introductions; Meeting]  
Setting: Office, Uchiha Household
Time: Late Evening
Open?: Yes
Style: LJ-Comments

One long thin leg crossed over the other, crumpling that finely pressed suit at the back of the knees as he rested back in his chair. Dark eyes peering out just barely from behind the brim of that American-style hat. He had an appetite for things of expense. Fedoras were expensive hats; and attractive according to the Uchiha. Black pinstripe suit slid down over his body, even the folds in his suit seemed intentional, everything pristine and in its place. White band wrapped around the fedora matched the white dress shirt buttoned up under his suit, barely seen between that suit and sapphire blue tie.

Small clip shined in the light, silver with the emblem of the Uchiha family centered on it, that tie-clip held it still against his chest. Gleaming not unlike the few rings which rested along his left hand and that long chain that looped out from under his jacket.

Furniture was all a dark wood hue, perhaps mahogany; the fabric that lined each seat and the draperies a deep maroon. Dark tastes, but what did one expect-- pastels? He leaned back in the chair at the head of the table, regardless of what others thought he deemed himself lead of one of the most powerful organizations and claimed seat at the head.

He dared any man to try to take it from him.

All that was left to wait for the rest to arrive, they'd be shown into the office-style room in the manor and the discussions over the Clan arrangements would begin.