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31 March 2007 @ 10:32 pm
[LOG] Down at the local, talking business  
Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, Shiranui Genma
Setting: An nondescript bar
Time: Late Evening
Open?: Finished
Style: AIM log

[22:36] Uchiha Sasuke: The bar was slightly smokey, with a busy chatter about it-- that chatter was ust loud enough patrons could hear eachother and yet if an wire was worn it would pick up little more than static. A half-empty sake cup was settled down atop a red napkin, the only red napkin in the joint-- it was his callingcard, so to speak. It was simply a sign for the man he was meeting that this was the corect place, and he was the man that would need to be spoken to. Fedora was tipped forward just slightly on his head, the saphire blue band going around it matching his deep blue tie, it was the little color on him. His undershirt was black, as was his suit. Black boots with a waffle stamp pattern on the bottom tapped against the floor impatiently.
[22:41] Shiranui Genma: He slunk into the bar in a black pinstripe suit, bowler perched jauntily on his head, with a crow's feather tucked into the hatband. An eraser-less pencil hung from one corner of his self-satisfied smirk. He spotted the man with the fedora and the red napkin and sauntered over as if he had business anywhere but there. "I understand you're looking to make the sky fall," he offered as a greeting, not looking at the seated man, but waiting for an invitation.
[22:45] Uchiha Sasuke: Head canted backwards, with just a peek of those cold black eyes. It was strange, he was running a section of the city, he was rather young afterall. " Che, something like it, have a seat.." He stood, as it was formality, so he could sit once more when the other had sat.
[22:49] Shiranui Genma: "Arigatou." He nodded at the young man and settled into the other seat. "Business first, before we get to art. I'll need blueprints, or I can't work. And, of course, my work is slightly more expensive than construction team demo work, but I can also drop a building on a dime."
[22:50] Uchiha Sasuke: He chuckled slightly, " I figured as much, you seem reliable for crashing something in a small area, I recently bought out a bootleg business, but I have no interest in that, and want it demolished, I want to make sure it cant be linked in anyway to me owning it, either." He chuckled softly once more as he reached into his coat, removing towo packages, one was set aside, however the other was slid over, " Thats all the building information I have for the place I'm sure its more then suitable."
[22:53] Shiranui Genma: He looked at the young man's hands -- anywhere except his face -- while he was talking. It wasn't polite in this business to get too familiar with faces. "Excellent." He took the packet. "Now, when you say demolished, do you want the building's contents destroyed, the interior walls gone, or the entire building levelled?" He flipped through the packet, ensuring that he contents were truly sufficient.
[22:55] Uchiha Sasuke: " Any or all of the above, I just want nothing of it left, but I want the inside destroyed first, seeing as I dont want any nosey bastards digging through it later." His lips curved into a frown, as he folded his hands lightly before himself, " How much do you want, however?"
[22:58] Shiranui Genma: "And you definitely own the site, legally, whether or not it's easily traceable? Because if I'm hitting someone else's toys, I charge a little extra."
[22:59] Uchiha Sasuke: " I own it.. the previous owner is off the coast fishing--" or something like that"-- and the property is in my name, I just have no desire to keep the peice of trash standing. "
[23:01] Shiranui Genma: He inspected the plans. "Forty-thousand quid, just to flatten it. I can guarantee that nothing will survive, but I can't promise the integrity of anything else nearby... Or, for twice that, I can drop it so it goes straight down and touches nothing else." He smiled wickedly. "You look like a respectable business man. I suggest option two."
[23:05] Uchiha Sasuke: " You look like a devious business man.." he commented with just the faintest smirk, coal black eyes flickering up towards the others face. " However you have a deal, I can give you twenty five now, and the rest when you finish the job?"
[23:08] Shiranui Genma: "Devious?" He turned his most innocent expression on the man across the table -- unfortunately it was ruined by the angle of the pencil dangling from his mouth. "I am a rather straightforward individual, I assure you. Otherwise I would likely be a very dead individual."
[23:09] Shiranui Genma: He considered the offer. "I wouldn't ask for all of it up front, but I do normally ask for half. Your family, if I am not mistaken, is enough of a security for me to take thirty on eighty."
[23:11] Uchiha Sasuke: He nodded slowly, " Well thats why I do business with men like you, theres a fine line and I'd rather have you on my side than otherwise." He tipped his drink lightly, but didnt drink from it. " I have every intention to pay you, like I said, better you on good terms with me, and a job well done always warrents future business.." The second envalope was slid over to the other male. " Theres the twenty five I had on me today, the rest will be paid the same day as the finished job. "
[23:13] Shiranui Genma: "Maa... It's against my better judgement, but I'll take you at your word." He smiled politely and picked up the envelopes, tucking them into his jacket. "When does this need to be done?"
[23:14] Uchiha Sasuke: " the sooner the better, I have people in line for buying the land.." He said as he folded his hands once more, " The day of the job I will meet you back here and give you the remaining payment. "
[23:16] Shiranui Genma: "Two days. Keep your eyes on the news." He stood up and bowed politely. "Was there anything else?"
[23:17] Uchiha Sasuke: " Nothing else, it is a pleasure doing business.." He pushed himself to a stand, also bowing, it was polite business dealings.
[23:18] Shiranui Genma: With a tap to the brim of his hat, he turned and slunk out of the bar, disappearing into the fog that hung over the city.